The gift-giving madness of the holidays may be over, but before you let the feelings of relief and exhaustion sweep over you – it’s time to make your business wish list for the New Year!

Before we get started, let’s first consider some qualities of a practical business wish list item:

  • Something that gives your company a competitive advantage
  • Something that makes life easier or less stressful
  • Something that benefits as many team members as possible
  • Something that is an investment in the business’s future
  • Something that can do all of the above AND save you money

Here’s an idea: What if you could purchase the gift of operational excellence — over 50 years of technology and expertise that could be deployed right out-of-the-box…?

Well, you can.  It’s called QuadRite RitePro, a software product that allows customers to streamline their product development process, speed new products from concept to market, and create significant cost savings. The most unique part about RitePro is that it’s a 21st century PLM solution that is usable by everyone in the company with no special training. RitePro offers solutions usable by people in any role such as operations, engineering, document control, quality and regulatory affairs, executives and others.

Let’s examine in more detail how one product can help such varying areas progress toward operational excellence.

Operations: Get products on the market quicker and cheaper

RitePro software allows executives in operations avoid common mistakes and better optimize all aspects of product operations. Process metrics, trends and analysis allow you to determine the operational effectiveness of your product’s commercialization activities. Cross-functional skills ensure the collaboration between engineering and operations during the design phase of the product, which is where 70-80% of product costs incur. RitePro provides the necessary resources for operations executives to make efficient use of capital and speed up product commercialization.

Engineering: Efficient and innovative product design

During the design phase of the product, collaboration is necessary between many engineering groups including design engineering, manufacturing, procurement and product engineering. Information sharing technology allows these groups to stay up-to-date on design revisions, compliance requirements, engineering changes, and the latest information in the supply chain. RitePro ensures simple collaboration and communication between engineering teams and allows you to focus your energy on creative and innovative product development.

Document Control: Reduce loads of paperwork and lost documents

Not only can engineering and operations benefit from information sharing technology, but document control gets much needed assistance with managing documents within the company and across the supply chain. An entirely electronic solution assists with what would have been hours of writing and filing paperwork. Plus, your employees can easily import, export, find, and revise information about any product in a secure Web-based environment at any time from any place. RitePro’s completely Web-based solution saves time and money during document control procedures – and significantly reduces lost paperwork headaches!

Quality & Regulatory Affairs: Preventing and reacting to compliance issues

A centralized location for all things quality, regulation and compliance reduces compliance risks and costs. A streamlined database with the latest information on regulatory submissions, quality processes, and product requirements allows you to take a more proactive role, preventing issues before they arise. In the case that violations still occur, the cloud-based solution provides a place to record violations and deviations. RitePro encourages you to avoid costs associated with compliance issues and helps the company strive toward operational excellence.

Executives: Increase visibility and margin generation

From an executive’s standpoint, a PLM solution should treat the whole problem – not just pieces of it. The software assists in every aspect of commercialization, from product design to manufacturing to compliance. A fully web-native application ensures that all departments are on the same page and can work together to achieve target margins. Direct visibility and accessibility is critical for executives to trouble-shoot problems and track process metrics and trends. RitePro helps you quickly get products from design to market while achieving demanding target margins.

As you examine your goals and resolutions for the New Year, keep in mind products that will make the coming months easier and less stressful. Whatever your role, and whatever your goals, technologies exist that can help you reach them. If your goal is operational excellence, it might be time to look into a solution that benefits all departments in your company.

QuadRite’s RitePro solution provides a built-in, best practice based information model with business rules and use cases to address the engineering group as well as facilitate the requirements of the other departments in the enterprise. RitePro is an out-of-the-box application that can be deployed within days, instead of months. As a fully web-native application that is offered as a cloud-based or in-house solution, it minimizes the IT support need and enables ease of information access and sharing across the extended enterprise.

If you want to learn more about QuadRite and find a solution that best fits your needs, contact us, we are happy to chat!



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