Executives are taxed (or privileged) with the responsibility of the success of their company. The more executives know about what is going on during the entire production process, the more successful the company is likely to become. However – executives can’t be everywhere. Luckily, there is a solution that allows executives to view the metrics and activities for every department in one easy-to-access location.

Transparency, visibility, and accessibility – this is what executives need in a PLM solution to operational excellence. Executives need to be able to easily pinpoint problems and quickly develop solutions. The company depends on executives to help when things go wrong – and this is only possible when executives know when things go wrong. Information sharing technology allows executives to receive accurate product information within the enterprise and throughout the supply chain. A web-based PLM solution encourages executives to track the operational effectiveness of the commercialization process while achieving target margins and making efficient use of capital.

One such solution is QuadRite’s RitePro, which provides a built-in, best practice based information model, business rules and use cases to assist executives keep a handle on all aspects of production.  RitePro is an out-of-the-box application that can be deployed within days, instead of months. As a fully web-native application that is offered as a cloud-based or in-house solution, it minimizes the IT support need and enables ease of information access and sharing across the extended enterprise.

RitePro includes:

  • Process metrics
  • Process trends
  • Exception reports
  • Management control procedures
  • SOX compliance
  • Access to product data from anywhere at any time
  • Management of product definition and complete set of product operation processes

Want to know what other executives and product development professionals have to say about what QuadRite’s RitePro did for their company?

  • “We went from it taking us more than 6 months down to about 30 days to deal with a complaint—that’s an 80% time-savings. We also cleared away our huge backlog.” – Dwayne Meyer, Senior Quality Engineer
  • “It definitely saves us time and provides objective evidence that we have everything under control. And the regulatory people and inspectors absolutely love it. And because they love it, we love it.” – John Talarico, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs
  • “The end result is higher quality and less scrutiny from the auditing bodies. We can now identify small issues before they become bigger problems. And better processes give us improved quality.” – Matthew Fortson, Quality Engineer

So, it looks like executives and other product development professionals agree: QuadRite’s RitePro is a simple and comprehensive program that meets the needs of every department. And when every department is functioning properly – and in sync with one another – executives can increase customer satisfaction while saving time and money. To learn more about RitePro, and how it can you drive your company toward operational excellence, click here.

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