Imagine that your business could use the same kind of multimillion dollar Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software and optimal product operation processes used by Fortune 100 companies. Now – imagine that your business could afford it!

That’s the dream. We also call it our philosophy.

In 2000, QuadRite, Inc. was founded by a team of people with real-world, direct experience in running product operations at various companies. The team identified major shortcomings in existing PLM systems and set out to create a revolutionary product that would be accessible for all companies, large and small. The team at QuadRite, Inc. strives to make the impossible possible for businesses like yours.

The philosophy fueled the team at QuadRite, Inc. to develop five important solutions to current PLM system limitations:

  1. Sophisticated enough to address all the needs of the product operations of a company. QuadRite’s product provides value for the entire enterprise. The team prides itself in the fact that QuadRite’s PLM solution serves 80-90% of employees in a company compared to the current PLM on the market with a typical user base of only 10-20% of employees. QuadRite’s product offers functionality for operations, engineering, executives, human resources, procurement, marketing and more.
  2. Scalable enough to be applied to a 60 employee company as well as a 60,000 employee company. The PLM solution delivers value to start-ups and decades-old companies alike. Whether your business operates with a few employees or many thousand, QuadRite’s product provides a location for collaboration. Communication and collaboration between employees speeds up operations and ensures efficiency of time and resources.
  3. Simple enough to use so that more than 90% of the employees of a company can use the system with an hour of training. Most current PLM software options cost companies thousands of hours of employee wages. QuadRite’s product, however, can be used with just one hour of training per employee. Effective use of capital means limiting training time so you can instead use employees where they are most valuable – in product development and commercialization!
  4. Deployable in days. QuadRite’s PLM solution boasts a start-up time of days, rather than months. The out-of-the-box application supplies immediate usability without browser add-ons or loading software onto desktop computers. QuadRite’s product allows you to avoid the implementation headaches of traditional PLM products and get straight to margin generation.
  5. Should not place any additional burden on the customer’s IT department both pre- and post- deployment. IT teams groan at the thought of new software – and rightfully so! With typical PLM software, IT support needs increase ten-fold with the introduction of a new system. However, QuadRite’s fully web-native solution minimizes IT support both during set-up and everyday use.

After developing the 5 main solutions, QuadRite’s team turned the dream into reality and called it RitePro. QuadRite’s RitePro™ solution provides a built-in, best practice based information model, business rules and use cases to address the above-mentioned concerns for today’s limited PLM solutions.

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