QuadRite’s RitePro™ product is industry’s first fully configured, out-of-the-box solution for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) needs of small and large enterprises. This 100% Web-native solution gives your organization all the benefits of collaborative product development with none of the implementation headaches and cost of ownership issues associated with traditional PLM products.

More than just software for Product Lifecycle Management

As a new breed of software company, QuadRite offers RitePro, tailored for discrete product designers and manufacturers.

QuadRite’s experts have packaged over 50 years of experience into an integrated, fully configured, software product that can be deployed right out-of-the-box.  The software product uses Open Source based technology components. This approach  ensures a fast, low-risk, low entry-cost solution for implementing a PLM system and improving your business processes.

This unique combination of technology and best-practice based knowledge enables QuadRite’s customers to streamline their product development process, speed new products from concept to market faster than ever before while enjoying significant cost savings in their product development efforts.

Accelerate with Industry Best Practices

RitePro applies industry best practices to create pre-defined data models, process models, business rules, and access controls for specific industries such as Medical Device, High Tech & Electronics and Discrete Manufacturing.

These proven PLM concepts and data models enable your company to be productive in a matter of days versus the months normally associated with implementing and customizing a PLM solution.

RitePro not only accelerates your PLM implementation, but also helps speed up your entire New Product Introduction process, so your organization can get products from concept to market in record time.

How RitePro Works

QuadRite’s RitePro product provides product structure management, visualization, change management, quality system process management and other core functionality in a single solution that best enables your company to gain operational excellence in product commercialization activities.

Users access the RitePro system from any computer with a web browser anywhere in the world. This zero-administration foot-print does not require proprietary browser add-ons or loading software onto desktop computers.

Every Web page can be customized using your company’s color and language scheme, so RitePro appears to be an extension of your own environment, reducing training and ramp-up time.

By vaulting product information with RitePro, your employees can easily import, export, find, and revise information about any product in a secure Web-based environment. This helps optimize product development process and minimize mistakes and rework. You can also make your product information accessible to other employees, partners, and suppliers, enabling excellent collaborative product design and manufacturing.

RitePro Key Features

Component Engineering

Document Management

Product Structure and Configuration Management

Life Cycle Management

Requirements Management

Program and Phase Gate Management

Change Management

Quality Process Management

Supplier Management

Training Management

Dashboards, Metrics and Trends


Security and Access Management

Interfaces and Integrations