The key to being ahead of your competition is speed– the agility to release new products on tight design timelines.  Yet, often medical device companies are slowed by unexpected setbacks in quality or productivity. FDA monitoring and review also present hurdles that can slow your ability to accelerate growth.

To solve this challenge, many of you who are in charge of regulatory compliance and product quality are searching for ways to replace outdated, manual and inefficient systems and processes. After going through the time-consuming process to identify and recommend a system better tuned to meets the needs of the 21st center, all too often you are disappointed. You are told by your CEO or CFO that “It isn’t in the budget,” or “We’ll do it next year.”

You are left with yesterday’s solutions that are causing real problems today.

  • Quality issues leading to compliance challenges
  • Failures that affect product delivery, increasing time to market and escalating costs
  • Quality issues that directly affect revenues and margins

What if I were to tell you that the challenge of getting a more efficient solution approved is easily solved? If you apply 3 strategies, your chances of getting funding approved will increase dramatically. Sound too good to be true? I’ve seen it happen time and time again. For example, after being turned down for many months, a VP of RA/QA applied the 3 simple strategies in requesting funding. The result?  He received approval in 6 weeks and was given 5 times the original budget.

In the next 3 blogs in this series, I will detail these 3 simple strategies I list below.

  • Focus on quality
  • Make your CEO and CFO look good
  • Take an all-inclusive approach

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