Did you know that 70%-80% of a product’s development costs are determined by the choices made by the engineering department during the design process? This instructive statistic is exactly why engineering teams who seek operational excellence are focusing on the design process. So where should you start in your quest for operational excellence? Studies show […]

Operations executives in companies are being asked to make efficient use of capital and be ready for product commercialization from the ‘get go’ by driving optimization in their product operations processes. Yet, this can be a difficult task — if you don’t have the right resources and processes available to make this happen. Today’s operations […]

I like to refer to our RitePro software as a 3rd generation PLM solution. You may be wondering what I mean by that terminology. Let me explain. I believe that PLM has gone through two major evolutions in the last 30 or so years. The 1st generation of PLM (late ’80s early ’90s) focused on […]