Here are just some of the ways RitePro from QuadRite can benefit the Medical Device company.

Why RitePro? – A 3rd Generation PLM System

  • Streamlined Design Control, DMR, Document, and Change Processes
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Efficiency with Quality Management (CAPA, Training, Complaints, NCMR, Supplier Qualification)
  • Gain Actionable Insights with Process Metrics for Operational Excellence
  • Be Market-Ready and Compliant, Right from the Start

3rd Gen PLM Enables Companies to Take a Holistic View of Entire Company

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Featuring executives from two leading-edge technology companies.

Medical Laser Manufacturer

“PLM allows you to sustain your business processes in a way that’s compliant and provide data that show how well you’re doing.”

— Scott King, Director, IRIDEX CORPORATION

Precision Motor Manufacturer

“We started with ECOs, took some small bites then expanded it more broadly by implementing it with supply chain, customers, drawings, orders, contract tracking, and source tracking.”

— John Baumann, CEO, THINGAP, INC.


Lacking Agility

Manufacturers need to create agility in their business and processes to react and bounce forward better than before the disruptions. To do this, Engineering and product development must change fundamentally. They must focus on the big picture, not just engineering, to develop profitable products.


Managing the Big Picture

Manufacturers have to recognize the need for innovation, agility, and operational improvement. Business risk and disruption are threatening profitability and survival for many businesses. Products and markets have changed, demanding more.



PLM is the software that can manage the big picture for a product, from cradle to grave. The right PLM system, implemented in the right way, should provide any stakeholder with the information that they need quickly and easily.

It can help you achieve operational excellence.

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